Thomas Langerak // Portfolio


Role: Hardware

Time-frame : 1 Month

Team-size: 2

Type: Design/Research

Client: Studio Sophisti & Lego

Grade: -

LegoMinecraft was a project I participated in at my internships company Studio Sophisti. The client of this project was Lego. We investigate how we could use physical Lego to control a digital environment.


The result is Lego Minecraft. A gameboy like setup, that connects via bluetooth to your phone. The character can be controlled by moving a lego figure and using different Lego tiles. Different tiles corresponded with different equipment.


This project was interesting for me, because it was at the cross-section of different types of interaction. As well that the result needed to be an high-end prototype. I was responsible for everything that did not happen on the telephone. Such as hardware, physical prototype and software.

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