Thomas Langerak // Portfolio

Thomas Langerak // Portfolio


Role: Head of Production

Time-frame : 6 Months

Team-size: 6

Type: Event

Client: svid Lucid &  Lichtjesroute Eindhoven

Grade: -

The Dutch Design Week is a yearly design event in the city of Eindhoven, the Netherlands. With over 1.500 Designers and close to 500.000 visitors it is an excellent opportunity for my study association (svid Lucid) to showcase herself. I was asked to form, together with five other students, a committee to design and organize an event for this occasion. During a half year we worked, next to our normal classes on this project.


What was delivered was a week lasting event in collaboration with a local non-profit partner “de Lichtjesroute”, de Lichtjesroute is concerned with the second world war memorial event yearly held in Eindhoven. There was a new light artifact created to be presented at this memorial. The visitors of the event brainstormed and worked actively together with the designers on the artifact. Their stories had a large influence on the form and layout. Next to this is, every source of light is soldered by the visitors.


I was responsible for production, making sure that everything was where it should be and when. I was also involved with idea generation and communication with the clients.

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