Thomas Langerak // Portfolio

Thomas Langerak // Portfolio


Role: Solo

Time-frame : 3 Months

Team-size: 1

Type: Design/Research

Client: Studio Sophisti

Grade: -

BLego is a project that I started at my internship company Studio Sophisti. In this project we tried to develop a tool for rapid prototyping of interactivity. Later this project, after I stopped working on it has evolved into Ding. Ding was runner up by the Core77 Design Awards 2017.


I was responsible for the electrical engineering of the first iteration. As well as software on the hardware side. This project, although as part of my internship, was carried out on my own while I worked on it. After this it was picked up by different member of Studio Sophisti. The video above was created in the later stage of the process.


For me this was my first encounter with PCB design and more serious electrical engineering. I think this project has shaped my interest towards the more technological side of design and sharpened my skills as such.

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